Eight out of thirty articles written

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Two weeks ago I set out on a writing challenge: I would write thirty articles within the thirty days in June — a “30 days, 30 articles” writing challenge. I am now half way through my self-inflicted challenge. How am I doing? In this article I’ll evaluate my progress and share some observations thus far.

I had a few reasons why I wanted to do this challenge. I wanted:

Three odd quick-reads that will leave you scratching your head.

Book covers collage
Book covers collage

Sometimes it’s nice to have a short book to read which can be finished in an afternoon. In this article I share three short and rather different books. What do these books have in common? Well, they’re all short, and they leave you scratching your head a bit, wondering “Huh…?” These books won’t be the ones seen on any top 10 list, but somehow they’ve each left a lasting impression on me.

Create a simple animated winners’ podium from scratch using React and Framer Motion

Gamification! … was a buzzword a few years ago. Despite that, it’s still common to find gamified elements in Apps and SaaS products today — game elements like points, rankings against others, etc. In this article we’re going to look at how we can create a winners’ podium that animates winners one by one for added dramatic effect. We’ll be using React and an open source library called Motion. At the end of this article you’ll see how simple it is to build something with fancy animations. I’ll assume that you have no more than basic React experience.

We’ll do the podium together, then you can try the cards in the bottom half!

Framer Motion

Three different recommendations to broaden your perspective

Summer is here! Whether you’re spending your summer holidays at home in a Staycation, or off in your isolated cabin deep in the mountains, here are three books you might consider bringing along to keep you entertained during your downtime. Each one covers a completely different topic and might help broaden your perspective.

Setting the burst and rate throttling limits on an AWS API Gateway REST API’s Stage without any 3rd-party plugins using Serverless

Editing a Stage’s default method throttling limits in the AWS API Gateway Console. This is what we want to configure via Serverless.

In this article, we’ll look at how one can set the default method burst and rate throttling limits on an AWS API Gateway REST API’s Stage without using any 3rd-party plugins or dependencies. We’ll assume at least some familiarity with Serverless and AWS CloudFormation.

The Serverless Framework allows us to configure many settings through the provider section of a serverless.yml file. For example, you can configure the usage plan for your API which allows you to set request throttling limits on each API client (API key) you create. However, not all API Gateway settings are exposed by Serverless. …

The Flieger Flab Museum in Dübendorf, Switzerland

Just on the edge of Zürich, on the grounds of the Dübendorf Air Base, you’ll find the Swiss Air Force Museum (German: Flieger Flab Museum), a neat airplane museum with a very comprehensive exhibition in two huge halls with a collection spanning from the early 1900s to the 1990s.

Founded in 1972, through the display of aircraft and other military equipment, the museum roughly chronicles the development of the Swiss Air Force from its beginning up to the ’90s (or so). The museum boasts over 40 airplanes and helicopters spanning the 20th century. From seeing the shockingly brittle-looking pioneering wood…

An Approach to Procrastinating Less

A procrastinator
A procrastinator
Me after a few days of procrastination. Photo by Henrikke Due via Unsplash

Procrastination is a life long habit I’ve struggled with — a considerable source of self-loathing and frustration. Most of the time, I’m a functional procrastinator able to juuuust squeeeeeze by and deliver. It might surprise some people who know me to hear this. Ha! Fooled ya good! (Or, did I?)

Whether a project interests me or not, procrastination can be an issue. Over the years, my frustrations have led to many (usually procrastinatory) jaunts through the world of self-help. Most of the advice is utter bollocks, written by someone who seems to have never suffered from procrastination, or else it…

A Self-inflicted Writing Challenge

The goal: 30 articles in 30 days. Over the next thirty days this June I will publish (post) thirty articles. This article (which shall count as article one of the challenge) explains why I have set this challenge for myself. It also acts as an index or table of contents for all subsequent articles written as part of this “30 days / 30 articles” challenge.

Start — at Tokyo Big Sight

As far as I can tell, one key “secret” to success can be reduced into a single word: start. Do it. Then, keep doing it. Keep starting, consistently — persistently, every day. This appears to…

Deploying function code from S3 allows for substantially larger deployment packages when compared to directly uploading to Lambda.

Over the past few months I’ve been spending a lot of time on projects like Serverless Chrome and on adventures recording video from headless Chrome on AWS Lambda. Consequently, I’ve had to worry about the size of my Lambda function deployment packages. When compressed, Headless Chrome itself gobbles up 48 MB. This is just 2 MB shy of the 50 MB limit documented in the AWS Lambda Developer Guide. Fortunately the 50 MB limit is kind of a lie.

The documented limits in the AWS Lambda Developer Guide

Most developers seem to interpret the documented Lambda limits as the limit. So did I, until I tried to cram both…

A great value and conveniently located co-working space in Kagoshima, Japan

Kagoshima, Japan has a lot to offer to visiting tourists, but the city’s options for temporary workplaces are limited. At the time of writing, a quick Google search yielded about 2–3 spaces in Kagoshima city suitable for a full day of co-working. Despite the limited choice, one great option does exist.

A month ago, I found myself in Kagoshima and looking to get some work done. But first, I had to find a place where I could temporarily work for a week or two. There wasn’t much choice, and I quickly reduced my options to: ARIO Jam, Sakura House, and…

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