ARIO Jam Co-working Space

A great value and conveniently located co-working space in Kagoshima, Japan

Kagoshima, Japan has a lot to offer to visiting tourists, but the city’s options for temporary workplaces are limited. At the time of writing, a quick Google search yielded about 2–3 spaces in Kagoshima city suitable for a full day of co-working. Despite the limited choice, one great option does exist.

A month ago, I found myself in Kagoshima and looking to get some work done. But first, I had to find a place where I could temporarily work for a week or two. There wasn’t much choice, and I quickly reduced my options to: ARIO Jam, Sakura House, and Brains Studio. There’s a quick overview of each at the end of this article.

ARIO Jam seemed like the best option. It was the best fit for what I look for in a co-working space: a clean, uncluttered, well-lit space with real desks and chairs. Their hours also overlapped well with my typical working hours: 13:00–22:00, and even conveniently located near where I was staying.

ARIO Jam opened 1 year ago in May, 2016. It’s operated by ARIO Inc., a Kagoshima-based digital marketing & professional-services agency. The co-working space is located on the 1st floor (read: one above ground floor) of a 3 story building, the rest of which appears to be taken up by the agency. It’s easily accessible on foot from most Kagoshima-downtown areas: about a 10–15 minute walk from Kagoshima-chuo Station, the city’s main station (and JR Kyushu’s Shinkansen terminus) or a 10–15 minute walk from Tenmonkan, a major shopping/entertainment area.

The cost to use the co-working space is straight forward: For 3 hours you’ll pay 500 JPY (4.5 USD, 4 EUR.) 1 day is 1,000 JPY (9 USD, 8 EUR.) Or, you can pay 5,000 JPY (45 USD, 41 EUR) and get unlimited access for a month. That’s pretty cheap compared to co-working in Tokyo and waaay cheaper than San Francisco! You also get a voucher for two freshly brewed coffee’s each time you show up! Hand the voucher to the staff and they will bring it to your desk after brewing it in a small kitchenette in the back. Wow!

While the staff at the time of my visit didn’t speak English, the language gap shouldn’t persuade you from going. The staff are all very friendly! The process to start using the space is simple: On your first visit, regardless of whether you pay daily or monthly, you will be asked to fill out an iPad-based registration form and provide some proof of identity (e.g. a passport. Bring your passport.) A member card will be made which you’ll use to “check in” each time you use the space. There’s no additional cost for registering.

The space itself is clean and spacious and gets a lot of natural light through the large windows toward the front of the building. The desks and chairs are spotless—no greasy fingerprint smudges anywhere. In fact, as soon as you leave, the staff will run over and wipe down the area where you sat in preparation for the next guest. Nice.

The Internet speed over WiFi is fast (multiple tens of mega bits fast.) If you want, they will lend you a monitor, too. Also included in your fee is (basically unlimited) access to a drink bar (soda fountain with sodas and tea.) Finally, there’s a fairly large conference room in a separate area in the back. Use of this conference room requires advance reservation, but a membership is not required for it’s use.

I ended up using the space for 6 full days (13:00–22:00.) It was never too busy and always quiet. Within a day or two, the staff had memorised how I liked my coffee. For the amount that you pay, and what you get, ARIO Jam is an excellent value!

The following information was accurate as of May 5th, 2017.


Open: 13:00–22:00 Monday–Thursday, 13:00–18:00 Friday, closed weekends
3 hours: 500 JPY
1 day: 1,000 JPY
1 month: 5,000 JPY
Location: 〒892–0848 鹿児島市平之町7–6 2F
Nearby: Kagoshima-chuo Station (10–15 min), Tenmonkan (10–15 min)

Tour the inside of the space here.

Brains Studio

Open: 10:00–18:00 weekdays, 13:00–18:00 weekends
3 hours: 500 JPY
1 day: 1,000 JPY
1 month: 5,000 JPY (weekdays only)
Location: 〒892–0831 鹿児島県鹿児島市船津町1–11
Nearby: Tenmonkan (5 min)

Sakura House

Open: 13:00–19:00 weekdays, closed weekends
1 day: 500 JPY
1 month: inquire
Location: 〒890–0054 鹿児島県鹿児島市荒田1丁目16–7 Eテラス403
Nearby: ehhh

Not to be confused with the same-named Tokyo-based Sakura House apartment-for-foreigners real-estate agent.