Hi Wu,

I can see that you’re excited about your projects and eager to get them some attention. I understand that drive to produce something cool, and then wanting to share it with everyone and getting feedback. However, I don’t appreciate the way you’ve posted a lazy response to my article trying to promote your own project. You didn’t even bother to properly format your text—leaving the Markdown text despite it not rendering here on Medium. I also see that you posted the exact same message on another article here on Medium related to headless Chrome. It’s disrespectful to me, and your own projects.

The reason I don’t appreciate your post is because I spent many, many hours of effort writing my article. I encourage you to write about your projects, too. Write about why and how you created the projects, how they work, problems you faced, and how you overcame those problems. The effort is well worth it. It will get your projects far more attention than your lazy, copy-pasted response above. If English isn’t your first language, no problem. Do the best you can. Or, write in your native language. I’d be happy to proof-read it for you and give you some feedback before you publish your article.